1989(?) Dodge Ram Van (Blue)

Posted on: Sat, 01/25/2020 - 18:16 By: dusty

When we moved to Alabama the family bought a brand new 1987 Dodge Ram Van in blue.  Stick shift; I recall we had to wait for it to be delivered because the dealer didn't have a stick shift in stock.  Fairly stock, no frills.  Two rows of removable back bench seats.  Wide ass back door that hinged on the left.

While in Alabama, my mother (and sometimes my father) worked at a gas station/convenience store.  I recall stuffing a sleeping bag behind the rear seat and sleeping until dark so I could wake up and help my mom stock the shelves.   Later I realized she probably had me sleeping down below the windows so nobody could see her forced child labor.  Great.

The van was shipped to Frankfurt when we got orders to Germany.  Toured the German countryside in that van.  As if the sight of a big american van in europe wasnt out-of-place enough in europe, one fathers day we bought my dad one of those 8-bit musical horns that would play any of 40 different tunes at the push of a button.  My favorite was the Dukes Of Hazard horn, but Edelweiss seemed more appropriate in Germany.

The van then came with us to Fort Leonardwood, Missouri. I learned to drive stick in that van.

Then when my father left the military, the van followed us to Michigan.

After my folks split up, that van was finally put out to pasture (almost literally) as it was left to rot to the side of my grandmother's driveway: the driveway attached to the house my mother had bought from grandma and moved into.